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Anna Offen in Guntersblum
(photo by Albert Hillesheim)

Anna Offen in November 2015 at "Euphony at the Vinyard" by Weingut Beutel in Uelversheim (photo by Andreas Oberhof)

Anna Offen started taking piano classes when she was five years old. Her piano teacher, Bernd Thewes, is an excellent pianist and composer for music for silent movies, and taught Anna an impressive technique and an amazing expression while playing.

In her singing Anna is inspired by the modern female vocals of the new century like Adele and Norah Jones ...

In addition she´s a big fan of Missy Higgins. Her first original composition Anna Offen wrote at the age of 9 years with a friend.

A big step forward was her highschoolyear in Anna (Jonesboro/Illinois) between Juli 2012 and Juli 2013. She brought home much inspiration and a much better english than mine. The effortlessness in her singing and playing, her dedication to the music surely grew in the United States.

She founded the Duo with Jochen Günther to add another voice and a guitar to her songs.

At the time Anna studies foreign commerce in Worms (Germany), does internships in Thailand and visits friends and relatives in Brasil, Peru, Switzerland and the USA.