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Jochen Günther at the "Great Night Of Small Arts" in Flonheim
(photo by Peter Neumann)

Jochen Günther at the city festival in Heringen
(photo by Alexandra Effinger)

Jochen Günther plays guitar since 37 years, held concerts in Ireland, Austria, France and Germany.

1995-2015 he played lead guitar with the bluesduo "Norfolk´n´Goode" - the website is still worth visiting (if you understand german): Graham Lewis alias "Norfolk" tells stories of his youth in Preston (England) and explains with a glance at his leadguitarist why he has got the blues.

Since 2008 Jochen Günther is a member of the "Pretty Lies Light", playing timeless songs by the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd, but also originals if the people don´t listen properly. Additional information that might not be understood can be found here:

His discographie:
Single "Second Hand Rocket" with the Empty Pocket Blues Band (1988)
CD "Songs that Your Mother Loved And Everyone Else Hated" with Norfolk & Goode (1998)
CD "Songs From The Last Century" with Pretty Lies (2002)
Double-CD "Blues Im Schalander" with Norfolk & Goode (2003)
CD "Canada Meets Guntersblum" with Charlie A´Court und William Lee Ellis (as producer, 2005)
CD "Venus Di Milo" (unpublished) with Chris Farlowe (as producer, 2006)
CD "Light" with Pretty Lies Light (2010)
Double-CD "Graceland" with Pretty Lies Light (2013)
CD "Night Falls Again" Solo (2016)
CD "Anna Offen" with Anna Offen (2016)