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voice meets piano

when words fail music speaks


Foto: Karl Johmann

...Anna Offen's voice seems perfect for romantic songs. Her cajoling art of singing leads the listeners into another world...

Karl Johmann, ODENWÄLDER BOTE, April 22, 2016

Contemplative, touching and exhilarating -
Anna Offen and Jochen Günther enthusing the visitors at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gemeinde. was a felicitous evening, musically contemplative, touching and exhilarating in a superb athmosphere that made the listeners forget their daily routine for a few hours...

OFFENBACH POST, October 15, 2015

photo: Franck

Harmonic and touching

...from the first song "Valery" the audience was confined by the young singer Anna Offen. With her soft and also powerful voice she effortlessly touched the people...
The duo got a big hand from the audience after the last song "One" by U2 and they has to play two songs more...

Susa Dornè, RHEINPFALZ, April 4, 2016