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when words fail music speaks

Tour dates 2017

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November 5
"Lazy Sunday Afternoon" at Altes Kelterhaus Alsheim, Germany

4 pm

November 12
Prot. Church Bauschheim (near Rüsselsheim), Germany

5 pm

November 17
Prot. Church Rod am Berg, Germany

8 pm

November 25
Prot. Church Bieber (35444 Biebertal-Bieber), Germany

7:30 pm

December 9
Prot. Church Dittelsheim, Germany

7 pm

December 10
Prot. Church Alsbach, Westerwald, Germany

5 pm

December 21
Christmas-Market in Ingelheim, Germany

7 pm

December 29
Silvester/Advents-Market in Kaiserslautern, Germany

6 pm

September 16, 2018
Prot. Church Biebesheim, Germany

7 pm

October 20, 2018
Prot. Church Petterweil, Germany

7 pm

photos by Nico Kopf, Andreas Oberhof, Priszilla Wirth, Karl Johmann, Eli X. Scherer.